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Live Life Liberia – 2024 Update from the Kiamus

David & Lucy Kiamu

Executive Director of Live Life Liberia
Monrovia, Liberia

Greetings from me and Lucy. Thanks very much for your prayers and financial support to our ministry during 2023. We ended the year by holding Camp WOLI on the property of Live Life Liberia.  Camp WOLI was an annual event we launched as Word of Life Missionaries.  A little over 125 students showed up for camp, and 31 gave their lives to Christ. It was a joint ministry of Word of Life and Live Life Liberia. Thanks for your support again in 2023.

The year 2024 promises to be a fruitful year for ministry,  and family. As you are aware, Live Life Liberia now has expanded her ministry operations to include

I. Life Bible Mission Church

II. Life Christian Academy 

III. Life Farms ( FARMERS Cooperative)

IV. Life Village Savings Club ( a community banking system for women or micro loan scheme)

V. Life University College ( still registering with government). 

At the moment, we are working on the foundation of the senior high division of the Life Christian Academy.  It will include 3 classrooms   a laboratory,  bathrooms and offices. The goal is to increase our student  enrollment  from the current 300 to some 400 or 500 students in September 2024.  Adding a senior high division to LCA will increase the number of youths we can impact with the Gospel of Christ. Additionally, this will help us generate income locally to continue to pay teachers and take care of the school. At the moment, we pay our teachers and support staff from tuition and other fees we collect. The addition of the senior high division will increase our income generation, and make us independent financially.

Our plan for the future is to make the Life Christian Academy a boarding mission school.  We have the land space for the dorms for boys,  girls, and teachers. For now, we simply need to raise funds to complete the construction of the senior high division of LCA. 

So, for 2024, projects we will be needing help with will include

1. Construction of the senior high division of LCA. Foundation construction is now half way done

2. Construction of Boys and Girls Dorms

3. Ministry vehicle for Life Bible Mission Church

4. Construction of teachers’ housing.

We will still need the $150, 000 USD grant which we had earlier applied for from Waterstone Foundation. 

I am sending this so that you can know how to pray for LLL work and ourselves. 

To the glory of God, we ended this year with Youth Camp and it brought together 150 plus students,  with 31 new conversions during camp.  Camp fire was especially great( photo inserted).

If there are folks you know who might want to invest in the construction of the classrooms for the senior high division at LCA, or the construction of the dorms for boys and girls at LCA, please let us know. 

Thanks for your partnership and prayers. Wishing you a happy new year.

The Kiamu Family

Cedar Creek has adopted the Yadav of India and has committed to faithfully intercede on their behalf. Please join with us as we offer intercessory prayers that they would be able to hear the message of Jesus in a way they can understand.

We want to be a part of reaching the lost through the power of prayer!

 Prayer Points

  • For the salvation of the Yadav people.
  • Pray for short and long term workers / teams to come and pioneer new ministries among the Yadav.
  •  For new focused evangelism and church planting ministries.
  •  For literacy and community development work.
  •  For Christian social workers eradicating alcoholism and superstitious beliefs.
  •  Christian workers to meet their spiritual and physical needs.
  •  For the practice of child labor to end among the Yadav people.
  •  For education to be made available to girls as well to the boys.

Learn more at Joshua Project and GodLovesYadav.

Matthew 9:37-38

The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.