Athar: (aw-thar): Hebrew. A verb meaning to pray, to entreat, to supplicate. (Strong’s H6279)

The Athar prayer group is a group of pray-ers who get together once a month to pray for Cedar Creek Church, its people, its ministries, ministry leaders, and other known ministries, and the Montrose community at large.

We know that prayer is the backbone of any ministry and the power to move our own hearts and minds to be aligned with God’s will for our church and community. All the glory to God!

Who: All are invited to join us for prayer.

When: Sunday mornings at 9AM Service

Where: To Be Announced

Sample Prayer Topics:

  • Spiritual Growth
  • Dedicated Prayer and Bible Study Time for Individuals
  • Opportunities to Witness
  • Opportunities to Serve
  • Opportunities to Disciple

If you have any questions or suggestions for prayer aligning with the purpose of this prayer group, please contact:

Prayer Request Athar