The hands-on operation of one of Cedar Creek’s Core Values – Real Community

Providing a sense of family as we  plan special events and fun things to do together. HOWEVER we are much more than that.  In these days of mounting secular pressure, where God is being forced out of almost every scene, Flock Fellowship’s main goal is to provide Cedar Creek goers with a sense of a caring family. 

Meeting practical needs for our seniors and financially challenged participants by offering oil changes, small home repairs, etc. as we are able and as services are needed.  We want to provide prepared meals for those limited by a return from the hospital or families coping with a new baby.  

A networking system that encourages friendship, care, and someone to walk with you through difficult times.

There are many areas where you can serve in Flock Fellowship.  Building a strong body takes dedicated hands and feet. If you would like to join our team or if you would like more information about the goals and working of Flock Fellowship, please contact the church office at 970-252-1163.

Things We Do

Fellowship gatherings- Sunday mornings, Potlucks, Picnics, special occasions…

Helping Hands – meal preparation